There are some amazing privileges associated with working for a global technology company like Microsoft. Every day I reflect on how lucky I am. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by so many smart, really dedicated people. I’m thankful for the opportunity...(read more)


This week I had the honor to attend and serve as faculty at what is perhaps a dream conference for those of us who care about technology, science, health and medicine. The conference was Exponential Medicine, sponsored by Singularity University. As was...(read more)


I was highly intrigued by an article on ZDNET today. It was Steve Ranger’s piece on “ Predicting the next decade of tech: From the cloud to disappearing computers and the rise of robots ”. For anyone interested in technology, it’s a good read. I particularly...(read more)


Late last evening, Microsoft announced a new platform called Microsoft Health . Microsoft Health is designed to give people a holistic picture of their health, fitness, nutrition and work life to help them live healthier and achieve more. For the health...(read more)


As a physician with 20 years of patient care behind me, I know all too well how important mobility is to clinical workflow. Whether healthcare professionals are working in the hospital, clinic, ancillary care facility or elsewhere, they are always on...(read more)
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