Late last evening, Microsoft announced a new platform called Microsoft Health . Microsoft Health is designed to give people a holistic picture of their health, fitness, nutrition and work life to help them live healthier and achieve more. For the health...(read more)


As a physician with 20 years of patient care behind me, I know all too well how important mobility is to clinical workflow. Whether healthcare professionals are working in the hospital, clinic, ancillary care facility or elsewhere, they are always on...(read more)


By now it is becoming quite clear that the billions of dollars in government incentives to get physicians using electronic health record solutions has moved the market. According to an article in Healthcare IT News, 77 percent of docs practicing in free...(read more)


As a physician, I have a great deal of respect for my colleagues who specialize in anesthesiology. While surgeons may get all the glory for what they do in an operating room, they couldn’t do their job without the anesthesiologist. These specialist doctors...(read more)


In the same week that my company introduced Windows “10” to the world, I was contemplating a 10 of a different kind while on a business trip to Singapore. During one of my business meetings there with a prominent physician leader from the Ministry of...(read more)
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